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Epee Competition Gear

Epee Mask

Masks are specialized for each of the weapons.

Epee masks have no electric bib. Foil and saber masks cannot be used for epee tournaments.

epee mask

Standard Glove

A standard glove, sometimes refered to as a 'three weapon glove' can be used for both epee and foil.

epee glove

Epee Body Cord

The epee body cord connects the electric epee to the 'spool' and from there to the scoring machine.

Competition rules require the fencer have at least two working body cords at tournaments.

epee cord


A competition epee has an electric button in the tip. A body cord plugs into the epee next to the hand inside the bell guard in order to make the connection to the electric scoring apparatus.

Epee blades come in a variety of lenghs (#0, #2, #4 and #5). Children under 10 years of age are required to use a #0 or #2 size blade.

Competition rules require the fencer have at least two working epees at a tournament.



Yes, we absolutely do fence in a cornfield! Literally at Bluff Grange, a farmers' coop building in the corner of a cornfield on the bluffs over the Missisippi River Valley near St. Louis in Southern Illinois.

We have both recreational and competitive fencers of all ages.