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Equipment Reviews

bag open

Absolute Fencing Rolling Bag

Reviewer: Tyler Beuth

This fencing bag is nice because it has wheels, so you don't have to carry all the weight of your equipment. It has a lot of room inside with lots of pockets to store equipment. It even has a special spot to keep your blades, which I found helpful.

The only negative thing about this bag is if you need to go up stairs. It is heavy and hard to get it up or down the stairs.

It is a nice bag and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good fencing bag with wheels.

bag owner
bag pockets bag wheels
(Two zippered side pockets)

Nike Air Zoom Fencing Shoe

Reviewer: Corey Kilgallon

The Nike Air Zoom Fencing Shoe is regularly hailed as the best fencing shoe on the market. They are very light weight and durable. I have owned mine for years and they still hold up very well. The sole and around the heel is thick and stable to prevent rolled ankles and holes from repeated lunging on metal strips.

The only downfall to these shoes is the price at $175. It is unreasonable for children and growing younger fencers having to pay almost $200 every time they go up a shoe size.

All in all they are a very good fencing shoe for serious fencers of the adult age when it comes to comfort, reliability, and support but is not quite the ideal shoe for the younger fencers.

nike air zoom

Adidas D'Artagnan IV Fencing Shoe

Reviewer: Pearce Wilson

The Adidas D'Artagnan IV model has been recently replaced by the Model V. However this shoe is so good that the few remaining IV's on the market are getting snapped up quickly.

I used to buy low priced $30 to $40 tennis shoes for fencing. I would wear through the sole under my big toe on the lunge foot shoe in 3 to 4 months of fencing on the metal strips at practice. About 4 years ago I bit the bullet and purchased the D'Artagnan IV. At the time they cost approximately $110. I thought I was buying an expensive luxury item. It turned out to be an incredible bargain.

The pair pictured have seen 10 to 15 hours on a metal fencing strip each week for nearly 4 years and they are still going strong.

Durability and Functionality? Traction on metal strips is unparalleled. However, on a wood floor, traction is only average. The heel is extremely strong and solid. Hard lunges pounding the heel on the strip are not painful. The sole under the arch is solid and inflexible which gives the shoe great sideways stability and arch support. You can see in the second picture the beginning of wear on the inside toe area where I drag my lunge foot. This is surface wear only . The shoe is still fully intact. The upper materials and interier of the shoe show no signs of breaking down.

Comfort? On the strip, solid, comfortable, wonderful. I've spent a lot of hours in these. Never a blister. Never a foot slip inside the shoe. Never a tired foot. I do not recommend wearing them kicking around the house. I find the sole is too stiff for comfortable leasure wear.

Aesthetics? I don't like loud colors in a fencing shoe. I don't want my opponent to see my feet move in his peripheral vision. These meet that requirement. I don't wear mine away from fencing but they look good enough that I would not hesitate to do so if I needed to.

I don't know how much longer this pair will last but as durable as my D'Artagnan IV have been, I might never need to buy another pair! My recommendation? If your feet are still growing, consider this shoe. if your feet have stopped growing, BUY THIS SHOE!

adidas 4_1

adidas 4_2


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