THE club for fencing lessons in
St. Louis, Belleville, Collinsville,
Columbia, Fairview Heights,
and the entire Metro East.

Group Classes, Individual Lessons, Club Fencing, Distance Learning

We invite you to visit our next practice. If you want, we'll suit you up and give you a free lesson. We're pretty confident you'll like it. Almost everyone who tries fencing does. If you have a question, click here for our contact info or just show up at practice. We'd love to see you!

Group Classes

Learn the skills necessary to become a good fencer.
All equipment required for classes is provided. (However, if you decide to purchase your own, click here to see what gear is needed.)

Skills training, strategy & tactics and coordination development.
We introduce competition and tournaments but they are optional and not stressed.

Individual Lessons

Individual one-on-one lessons with the coach are shorter and more intense than the Group Class.
Individual lessons are $15 each for Club Members.

An individual lesson with a younger child. Click to view video.

An individual lesson with an adult. Click to view video.

Club Membership / Club Fencing

Join the Club!
The skill level of our fencers ranges from beginner to seasoned national competitors. All skill levels are welcome.
Club members should get their own gear but we do have a small amount of club gear you can use until you can get your own.

Club Membership is $120 per 4 month trimester.

The Club fencing practices serve our recreational fencers and... Click to view video.

... the Club fencing practices serve our competitive fencer training needs as well as our aspiring professional referees' training needs. Click to view video.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning membership is for fencers who are too far away to practice with us but want access to our online training tools.
Distance Learning Membership is $40 per 4 month trimester.

**In addition to Club Membership, there is an annual $10 registration fee with the United States Fencing Association.
If the fencer is already a USFA member, there is no registration fee.


Yes, we absolutely do fence in a cornfield! Literally at Bluff Grange, a farmers' coop building in the corner of a cornfield on the bluffs over the Missisippi River Valley near St. Louis in Southern Illinois.

We have both recreational and competitive fencers of all ages.

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