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FOTC News 2019

What are the odds?

March 21, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

A little statistical analysis of the United States Fencing Association national rating stats for you math geeks!
There are 22,259 competitive fencers in the 2018/2019 season. 7397 female. 15262 male. Note: This includes only the official USFA competitive member fencers. There are many multiples more of recreational fencers in the United States who are not included in these statistics.

... with an epee rating: 1011 (13.67%)
... with a foil rating: 883 (11.94%)
... with a saber rating: 792 (10.71%)

... with no rating: 4916 (66.5%)
... with at least one rated weapon: 2481 (33.5%)

... with a rating in only one weapon: 2291 (30.97%)
... with a rating in exactly two weapons: 175 (2.36%)
... with a rating in all three weapons: 15 (0.20%)

... with an epee rating: 3014 (19.75%)
... with a foil rating: 2139 (14.02%)
... with a saber rating: 1723 (11.29%)

... with no rating: 9395 (61.56%)
... with at least one rated weapon: 5867 (38.44%)

... with a rating in only one weapon: 5002 (32.77%)
... with a rating in exactly two weapons: 721 (4.72%)
... with a rating in all three weapons: 144 (0.94%)

Lots of Competitions

March 13, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Some suggested events for our fencers:
March 23 in Wentzville Y10/12 foil. USFA membership not required.
March 23 in Louisville Kentucky. Beginner Youth Epee, Beginner Youth Foil, and Beginner Youth Saber.
March 23 at Purdue University. Strong epee, foil, and saber events for our more serious 14+ USFA member fencers.
March 30 and 31 in St. Louis. Y14 Men's and Y14 Women's, C & Under Men's and C & Under Women's, 40yo+ Men's and 40yo+ Women's qualifiers in all 3 weapons for summer national championships.
April 6 in Champaign Illinois. Y14 foil. Requires USFA membership.
April 13 in Oxford Mississippi. Youth Foil. 14+ Beginner Foil. Open Foil. The open foil will require USFA membership.

Valentines Day. NO FENCING

February 14, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Between our married adult fencers likely being absent and our Junior Olympians headed to Denver, we would have very few people.

Belleville Famous

February 5, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Our fencer extraordinaire, Ashley made the paper. (Belleville News Democrat) If the text is too small to read, it basically just tells how awesome she is!

Our 2019 Junior Olympians

February 5, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Chad and Ashley will be representing our club and the St. Louis Division (encompassing Southern Illinois and most of Missouri) at the United States Fencing Association's 2019 Junior Olympics.

They will be facing the best fencers from each State in the nation at this US Olympic Committee sponsored championship for teens.
Chad will compete in both epee and foil. Ashley will compete in foil and saber.
The Junior Olympics will be held in Denver Colorado in a little under 2 weeks.
Good luck guys!!

Busy Competition Weekend

January 27, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Yesterday Logan and Cole fenced in the college league foil tournament at St. Louis University.

This was Cole's first tournament. It was Logan's second. Both fencers did well. These first tournaments are where a new fencer really begins to learn. New opponents, never seen before tactics, new referees who call action differently; all add to the challenges.

Today, Ashley and Chad travel to the Point Fencing Club in Champaign where the University of Illinois team trains to compete. Good luck guys!

Saber in the Snow!

January 17, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Ashley and Chad challenge each other AND the snow! Thanks to the Katzes for the cool video!!
Click picture to view video.
This is a slow version of the video. Later today or tomorrow I'll get it uploaded to the cloud (and to our video catalog) for better viewing speed. --Pearce

First competition of 2019 is in the books.

January 6, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

No medals but good fencing. Chance and Warren traveled to Memphis Tennessee this weekend to take on the 2018 Tennessee State High School Fencing Champions of Memphis University School.

As we were leaving, one of the MUS coaches asked us to let them know if we were going to host a high school tournament at our place. They want to visit us. How fun would that be? We'll have to look into doing just that.

Chance lunges from the left.

Warren lunges from the right.

The team is headed to Memphis

January 2, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

This weekend Memphis University School is hosting a high school 3 weapon tournament.
We currently have fencers for the foil and saber events.
It's not too late to add your name to the travel roster but you need to speak up quick!

Welcome to the New Year

January 1, 2019 - Pearce Wilson

Tomrrow, Wednesday January 2nd we FINALLY get back to our regular schedule.


Yes, we absolutely do fence in a cornfield! Literally at Bluff Grange, a farmers' coop building in the corner of a cornfield on the bluffs over the Missisippi River Valley near St. Louis in Southern Illinois.

We have both recreational and competitive fencers of all ages.